What are the different types of coupons?

Today is the world of online or paper coupons which help you bag amazing discounts and cashback on your every purchase, free gifts with every bill and new saver surprises for every season. Coupons are mainly designed with the intent of assisting to who wish to shop to reduce their shopping bills.But still we wonder at times the forms and the various types in which a coupon comes. So below is the list for most famous types of coupons, which are commonly used worldwide.

Reward Points: The most common of all for banks, institutions, physical markets, etc. Reward points comes in the form of a card, where on your every shopping, you gain a certain numeric point and when a certain peak is achieved, the person gets eligible to a gift or a heavy discount.

Grocery Coupons: This might come in the form of a paper coupon or online coupon, and as the name suggests, comes to give you discounts on your grocery shopping. Being the most common of all types, it’s one of the oldest forms of coupons as well.

Online Cash off Coupons: Here a certain amount of your bill or a percent of you bill gets cashoff or cashback, meaning when you shop and is paying off your bill, you tend to pay the entire amount, but once its paid, the company as a promotional act, refunds a percent of your paid bill directly to your account from which the money was debited for your purchase. Like say you shop for a bag using Bestylish coupons, then during payment you pay the entire amount but later the percent of amount promised gets refunded to your account.

Online Discount Coupons: The most popular and in demand, discount coupons are now most widely accepted and used online. Like say if you have Rediff shopping coupons which grants you a 10% off on all your purchases, then this means that whatever you pick, ranging from a t shirt to a mobile phone, you tend to get a 10% off on anything and everything.

Free Shipping Coupons: The most unpopular amongst all, it’s usually a global idea, not so common in India. Usually when you order something online, you usually have to pay for the delivery charges or say the shipping charges, but if you have a shipping coupons, it gets free delivered to your place.

Online Gift Certificates: Usually given out by specific retailers, it’s almost an alternative for cash, where you use it to pay off someone instead of cash. It can be in the form of hard or soft copy and makes you eligible to shop for a certain decided amount. Like others, kit also comes with a promotional code which makes it unique from the others.

Paper Coupons: Besides the online coupons, there are also printable coupons which come out with newspapers and magazines and give you interesting offers like free gifts, surprises, one plus one free offer, discounts and cashbacks. They also have a coupon code and come free of cost.





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